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4th ZORH convention

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20th to 21st April 2023

4th ZORH convention


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Meeting of scientists, professionals and students on the topic of environmental protection in the Republic of Croatia (4th ZORH meeting) is a project organized by students of the Faculty of Chemical Technology in Split together with the Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling in Košice and the student section of the Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers.

The right to participate is available to: students of undergraduate and graduate studies in the fields of technical, natural and social sciences; scientists and experts who are actively involved in scientific work in the fields of ecology, social sciences and environmental protection; employees from related industries that can use  their experience to give insight  about current problems regarding disposal of waste and its generation and/or water and air pollution.

Our goal is to connect the academic community with the business sector in order to discuss key problems and to further encourage the public to be more interested in the field of environmental protection.

After the realisation of 3rd ZORH congress, whose scope went beyond Croatia, we continue in the same direction. The preceding congress gathered over 150 participants from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Spain, France, Germany, Poland and Malta.

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Statements of participants about the convention

Hello everyone, four years ago, motivated KTF students, eager for new knowledge and aware that with a small step can make a significant change for a better tomorrow, launched the idea of ZORH. With the help of professors, colleagues from other faculties and good people, the ZORH convention came to life. Thanks to that, a large number of people from different institutions and beyond connected. In addition to spreading knowledge and perspectives, new projects have been launched, and lasting friendships have been formed. Today, a new team of students took over the organization and raised ZORH to a higher level, which is why I am extremely happy. I hereby invite scientists, experts in the field of environmental protection to get involved in this commendable project and be a motivation to young people. I also recommend students to respond as exhibitors, present their final and graduate theses because ZORH is the perfect opportunity to present student work in a pleasant atmosphere. Ivana, mag. chem.
Hello, good people! My name is Luka Marijan Alešković. I am a student of the first year of graduate studies in chemical technology and materials at the Faculty of Chemical Technology in Split. I had my first contact with the ZORH meeting last year when I gave an oral presentation of a scientific paper. I was amazed by the large turnout of participants, as well as the amount of people from different countries, and especially interdisciplinary content of the meeting. I immediately noticed what potential ZORH has in terms of spreading awareness, knowledge and experience about environmental protection. For this reason, I joined the organizing committee. The project is well thought out and I appreciate the effort put in by the older students of KTF. I believe that the development of environmental protection science must follow today's rapid technological development, otherwise we will destroy the only home we have. Our beautiful, round Earth. I want to be part of the solution, not the problem.
Greeting! I am Silvia Bućma, a second-year student of the graduate study of Chemical Technology, majoring in Materials at the Faculty of Chemical Technology in Split. I found out about ZORH in my first year of college and was delighted by the creativity of the project itself, and I was immediately sure that one day I wanted to be a part of it. I participated as a volunteer at the 3rd International ZORH Meeting, and this year I raised my participation to a higher level and became a member of the Organizing Committee of the 4th International ZORH Meeting. I personally believe that the topic of environmental protection is a very important factor in every segment of today's society, and it is my pleasure to participate in the implementation of a project that, in addition to knowledge, provides the opportunity to make new acquaintances and share experiences. I cordially invite all colleagues to be part of ZORH and to help us in the common goal of raising environmental awareness. "It's surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth." - Sir David Attenborough
Hello, I'm Karla Buntić and I'm a second-year graduate student at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, majoring in Materials. Delighted by the fact that this project was created by KTF students, I decided to register as a volunteer at the 3rd International ZORH meeting. After the excellent work done by my colleagues, instructive lectures and poster presentations, I decided to get even more involved in this project and this year I became a member of the Organizing Committee. I believe that ZORH is a place where, with a pleasant atmosphere, you can make various acquaintances, exchange experiences with foreign students, professors and experts. I invite future generations of students to be part of this project because this project truly raises awareness of how important environmental protection is and that planet Earth is our only "home" that we need to take care of. See you!
Hello, my name is Jelena Sedlar and I am a 2nd year graduate student in Chemical Technology - Materials major. I found out about ZORH in the 2nd year of undergraduate studies, but I never had the courage to apply myself. By chance, I ended up in the Organizing Committee last year and I can tell you that I have no regrets at all. This is an event whose organization is very demanding, but the results of the work are what make it worthwhile. The whole idea of ZORH was designed as a student initiative with the desire to educate as many people as possible about environmental protection problems, i.e. about problems that are increasingly present in our everyday life. After last year's meeting showed great response and success, I invite everyone interested to register this year and be part of this commendable event and to make it even bigger and better.
Hello, I am Mislav Ćorić, a 1st-year graduate student in chemical technology. I was encouraged to participate in this project by my colleagues and friends who were impressed by the previous ZORH meetings, and by participating I convinced myself that this is a unique event at the university because it allows students to present their own ideas and projects to solve the increasingly important problem of environmental protection. Due to its international character, ZORH is an ideal place for exchanging experiences with students from abroad, making acquaintances and contacts with colleagues and experts from industry and technology. I think that ZORH is a great opportunity for students to expand their horizons in a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere by applying the acquired and acquiring new knowledge, and by participating in this project, get out of the scope of everyday studies. I hope that this project will continue to grow in order to motivate students to be more involved in extracurricular activities related to current problems, make new friends and have fun with it. See you at ZORH!
Greeting! My name is Katarina Nižić and I am a second-year student of the Chemical Technology graduate study at the Faculty of Chemical Technology in Split. I found out about the ZORH meeting through colleagues and professors who participated in its organization and implementation last year. Their enthusiasm for the meeting, as well as my desire to be a part of this truly special story, encouraged me to become active and thus led to membership in the Organizing Committee. Although the meeting requires time, effort, a lot of sacrifice and dedication, the feeling of satisfaction and pride that I have already acquired cannot be described in words. I want that experience for you too, to dare and join this laudable project that changes, refines and connects us all together. The very fact that you are here shows your desire and interest in building a better you and thus a better tomorrow. This colorful ball of ours has given us a lot, and it's high time we show her how much she means to us and what we can do for her. The 4th International ZORH meeting is waiting for you.
Hi! My name is Nikolina Krišto and I am a second-year graduate student at the Faculty of Chemical Technology and this year I am a member of the organizing committee of ZORH. I also participated in this initiative of KTF students in 2022 with a poster presentation, and after listening to several lectures, presenting my work and being delighted with the work done by my colleagues, I decided that I want to be part of this initiative in 2023. I hope that these young people, energetic and full of desire for the better, will encourage you to participate, share experiences and new ideas in solving key problems in the protection and preservation of the environment. Come, support us and encourage everyone to change together! See you at ZORH!
My name is Petra Rogić and I am a second-year student of the graduate study of Chemical Technology at the Faculty of Chemical Technology. I heard about ZORH at the beginning of my studies, and as I matured as a student over time, so did my desire to participate more actively in this commendable project. This year, I am part of the Organizing Committee, which is an immense honor for me, and I hereby invite everyone, if they want to enrich their knowledge or share their knowledge in the field of environmental protection with others, to apply. There will certainly be no shortage of positive experience, knowledge, new acquaintances and fun!

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Questions and answers

Answers to common questions regarding the convention.

ZORH is a convention of scientists, specialists and students on the topic of environmental protection in the Republic of Croatia, organized by students of the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology in Split, with the assistance of scientists and scientific staff of the faculty.

Sign up to attain new knowledge and ideas, discuss key problems, and learn about new technologies used in environmental protection. Registrations are open until 8th of April 2023.

Through oral presentation, lasting 15 minutes, or through a poster presentation.

Co-organizer of the convention

The Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling of Technical university at Košice – A study that has a future!
The Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling represents education aimed at the requirements of the labor market for the following decades. Thanks to cooperation with companies from practice and excellent conditions for research, we educate successful graduates who will find employment in the labor market in various industries. We focus on the technologies of the future today. Nanotechnologies, hydrogen technologies, smart batteries, environmental chemistry, waste recycling or renewable resources. It is based on the solid foundations of traditional scientific knowledge and is constantly inspired by the technologies of the future. It actively monitors current trends, advances and changes like the world around it. She also defended her leading position in the quality of education provided in the last evaluation of university faculties in which she ranked 5th out of a total of 24 faculties in the group of technically oriented faculties.
Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers and Technologists
The Student Section of the Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers and Technologists, founded in 2017, is the only association or section of chemical engineering students in Europe. Today, it has 65 members who want to contribute to the popularization of science with their creativity and knowledge and encourage positive changes in the wider community. The official journal SSKI is the popular science magazine Reaktor, which is recognized as a particularly valuable work for promoting the science of HD ideas, chemistry and chemical engineering, among young people and the general public and has the support of the Ministry of Science and Education. Students, professors and scientists from scientific research and educational institutions throughout Croatia participate in the creation of the journal. Along with Reaktor, SSHDKI’s biggest conceptual project is Colors of Engineering, in which students travel through Croatia to visit primary and secondary schools and with their experiments show science to younger generations in a fun and accessible way. So far, SSHDKI has successfully implemented more than 30 projects in which various topics were discussed. Some of the projects are Business Week, the First Conference on the European Clean Energy Transition, the Cancer Congress, Waste to Energy, Innovation for You.

University of Montenegro, Faculty of Maritime studies in Kotor

Faculty of Maritime studies in Kotor, University of Montenegro represents a modern and contemporary educational institution that meets all standards of higher education in terms of functional capacity. The faculty has ship simulators of the latest generation and offers long distance learning through the DL platform. Since 1999, the Faculty has had a documented ISO 9001-2000 quality system, and since 2017 it has a certificate from the Croatian Ship Register, which confirms that the study programs meets the latest requirements of the STCW convention. The faculty has accredited programs of basic, master’s and doctoral studies which are aligned with the latest international trends. The mission of the Maritime Faculty in Kotor, as an educational and scientific unit, is to educate young and high-quality experts in the field of technical and social sciences (regional maritime) with teaching content, the application of modern methods of technique and education through the research process, capable of helping the development of their country through creative work. The faculty acts socially responsible through support in various social actions, such as voluntary blood donation, reforestation, helping sports associations and schools and participating in cultural events in Kotor.

Join us at the 4th ZORH convention.

Join us at the 4th ZORH convention because with knowledge and teamwork we can do a lot,  protect the environment! If you want to join us in organizing the convention or if you have additional questions about the convention, feel free to contact us.