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Provide solutions related to environmental issues and connect them with the academic community and associates from different industries. Also, the mission of this project is to raise public awareness in the field of environmental protection, but also to encourage it to take concrete action to achieve a cleaner future for us and those who come after us.


Through a handful of contents of this year's meeting to encourage as many people as possible to participate and cooperate with the aim of achieving a high quality of life, which is guaranteed only by the growth and development of awareness of the environment and related problems.


Creativity and innovation,
Consistency and credibility,
Cooperation and togetherness

ZORH is a meeting of scientists, professionals and students on environmental protection in the Republic of Croatia, organized by students of the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology in Split with the professional assistance of scientists and other faculty members. The first ZORH meeting was held on March 5, 2018. In addition to spreading knowledge and perspectives and adopting new ideas and technologies, the meeting enabled the connection of a large number of people from different institutions as well as the launch of new projects. After two successfully realized ZORH meetings, this year’s third ZORH meeting takes on an international character. The co-organizers of this year’s meeting are the student section of the Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers and Technologists and the Technical Faculty in Košice. By observing Western countries, we see the growing need to connect academia with the economy, and we want to encourage students to take a critical and responsible approach to jobs that greatly affect the environment. Spreading knowledge and helping each other is the only solution for a better future, so we invite you to join and contribute to achieving it faster with your knowledge.


Organizacijski odbor skupa činili su: Ivana Drventić (predsjednica), Kristina Knezović, Franka Folo, Ines Topalović, Matea Baturina, Zvonimir Jažo, Ena Dadić, Glorija Granić, Ivan Jovanović, Antonija Zorić, Nikolina Pervan, Lara Tomaško, Marina Bekavac, Leo Bolješić, Emela Demirović, Iva Crnjac i Valentina Brkan. Uz Organizacijski odbor, skup je imao i Znanstveni odbor, čiji su nositelji bile profesorice s Kemijsko-tehnološkog fakulteta prof. dr. sc. Nediljka Vukojević Medvidović, prof. dr. sc. Marija Bralić, doc. dr. sc. Maša Buljac, doc. dr. sc. Ivana Smoljko i profesorica s Prirodoslovno- matematičkog fakulteta u Splitu doc. dr. sc. Matilda Šprung. Organizaciju su poduprli pokrovitelji: Ministarstvo zaštite okoliša i energetike te zastupnica u Europskom parlamentu Marijana Petir a sponzori susreta bili su: Studentski zbor Sveučilišta u Splitu, Testament vinarija, Ru-Ve d. o. o., Labena d. o. o. , BIOBAZA – Magdis d. o. o. i Kefo d. o. o.
  • Znanstveni odbor
  • Organizacijski odbor

Prof. dr. sc. Nediljka Vukojević Medvidović
Prof. dr. sc. Marija Bralić
Doc. dr. sc. Maša Buljac
Doc. dr. sc. Ivana Smoljko
Doc. dr. sc. Matilda Šprung

Ivana Drventić
Kristina Knezović
Franka Folo
Ines Topalović
Matea Baturina
Zvonimir Jažo
Ena Dadić
Glorija Granić
Ivan Jovanović
Antonija Zorić
Nikolina Pervan
Lara Tomaško
Marina Bekavac
Leo Bolješić
Emela Demirović
Iva Crnjac
Valentina Brkan

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